Entry Requirements

2022-01-01 10:14


Judging Assessment:

Preliminary evaluation, Re-evaluation, Final assessment


Assessment Principles:
1. Creativity of environmental protection,2. Creativity of Low-carbon,3.Aesthetic Property,4.Visionary,5.Functionality,6.Originality


Assessment Period:
September, 2022


Award Ceremony:
November 2022


Participating designers by visiting the official website to download and fill out the "PARTICIPATING registration form" and submitted the required documents and materials in email or post before the deadline. Completion time of the design entries must be after January 2020.

Deadline of the Participation: JUL.1st, 2022



1.Fill out the registration according to the requirements;

2.Design work description in English and Chinese(in Word document)Please describes the design works as much as possible the environmental innovation, low-carbon innovation, aesthetics, Visionary, functionality, originality;

3.Design entry graphic, the main facade CAD chart (JPG format);

4.Scenes Photos of the competition work no more than ten pieces. Design proposal work no more than ten renderings(photos do not allow show personal information or company information);

5.The Copy of transferred entry fees confirmation (JPG format);

6.A digital photo of the designer, design team or company Logo;

7.A compressed package like RAR or Zip containing the above mentioned data among these, the design description and registration form are in word form, the picture and photos are in JPG form which should be no less than 350 dpi. Submitting information can be sent via email: apdc@apdc-awards.org and  305651530@qq.com.The confirmation email will be sent by apdc@apdc-awards.org,thus noticing that entry is complete;

8.Participator in the name of team is allowed;

9.Each participant is allowed to provide more than one works, but each piece of work need to equip with above-mentioned evaluation materials;

10.The organizer will have formal examination of the competition work; the incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate submission would be regarded as invalid and the organizer has the right to cancel the evaluation qualification of any incomplete or inaccurate submissions;

11.The participant needs to choose the category of the submitted work, the uncertain items or unclassified items would be decided by judging panel.

B.Rights and Obligations:

1.All participants have equal rights to participate in supervision and to give proposals; the organizing committee has the obligations to be supervised and to listen to the proposals;

2.All participants have obligations to authorize the organizing committee to broadcast, exhibit and publish their enlisted works;

3.It is not allowed for the participants to request the organizing committee to return the submitted documents and materials, as well as to claim any sorts of compensation from the organizer, executing organization and organizing committee;

4.If there is no work to meet the standard, the organizing committee reserves the right not to issue any prizes;

5.The participants should take the full responsibility of their works in the competition; any discovery of ineligible conditions of participates or their works would authorize the organizing committee to cancel its assessment qualification in any phrase of the competition and to revoke the awards; the participants need to undertake any damage or loss caused to organizer in such situations;

6.In addition to other specified item in the rule, the participants are not entitled to claim any compensation, consideration, payment and expense requisition from the organization, as well as to enjoy any special rights or share any relevant rights and profit from relevant activities, in terms of all matters concerned in material submission, exhibition, presentation, propaganda and publication;

7.The participants have full right to decide whether to attend this competition; but the engagement of any links or whole process of the competition will be treated as having understood and accepted the items explained in the rule.

C.Dispute Settlement:
1.The negotiation would be for the first solution in any dispute concerned in the evaluation process. If both parties could not reach an agreement, the organizing committee would involve in the mediation. If it still fails to reach an agreement, both parties could seek legal solutions;

2.If there were the third party involved in the intellectual property dispute of submitted works, the participants should solve it independently, as well as to take any legal responsibility; if it brings the organizer to the dispute, the participants need to undertake any damage and loss caused;

3.Any dispute in the process of application, evaluation, exhibition and propaganda should be solved in the friendly negotiation; or appeal to local court if failed.

D.Validity and Interpretation Rights:
1. The organizer has the final power to interpret and modify the rule.
2. The rule takes effect since Nov.1st, 2021.