APDC AWARDS 2013/2014

2014-01-07 14:46


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APDC AWARDS 2013/2014 Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards for Elite
“Celebrating Creativity thinking will be the essence of APDC awards for 2013-2014”

For most major countries and cities around the world, Creativity is seen as the engine of the new economy. Creative economies reflect the basic shift in the structure of the  global economy from one based on the production of goods and services to a knowledge based economy focused on the creation, transfer and use of intellectual property in all its forms.

Our Creativity drives economies in (at least) two ways.

The first is as a pervasive force in all economic activity.

The challenge for all industry is to think creatively, to constantly reinvent itself, to bring new, value-added design and distinguishing features that will result in unique, distinctive and original environments, products and services. Computerization and information and communications technologies revolutionized every area of the economy a decade ago. Creativity is the equivalent force today. It is critical to every business process in every sector, and to improved function of products and services of all kinds. Creativity as a practice is really the basis of a creative economy. It is the new engine of prosperity itself. Jurisdictions which do not learn this are condemned to a losing battle against the drive to lower costs.


The second way in which creativity drives economies is through a more specific range of industries and economic activity, including the creative and cultural industries.

But creative industries or sectors also include science and information and communications technology (ICT), financial services, life sciences, etc. – any activity where intellectual property and innovation is at the heart of economic activity.


APDC recognizes that designers’ Creativity plays an essential role in building and sustaining our urban community and maintains it socially and economically healthy. Therefore by celebrating the Creativity of its members ,APDC wishes to promote, and support a sustainable economy that attracts businesses, investment, increases employment, and enhances our visual environment.

APDC invites you to present projects that, by their concepts, materials or their total avant-garde thinking, contribute to the enhancement of our society.

Claude Bérubé

Founding president of the Asia Pacific Design Center (APDC)
Past-President of the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI)
Past-President of the Interior Designers of Canada (IDC)
Past-President of the Interior Designers of Québec (SDIQ)


APDC Asia-Pacific Design Center
APDC International Design Exchange Center


APDC is a member of IFI (International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers), which is often considered as the “United Nations” of the Interior Architecture/Design field.
IFI was established in 1963, leading 270,000 interior designers from more than 110 countries worldwide. IFI,ICSID(The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design) and ICOGRADA(The International Council of Graphic Design Associations) have composed the International Design Alliance (IDA), which is the highest authority of the platform for global design.


International Accredition
IFI (International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers)


A. Commerce/B. Restaurant/C. Hotel/D. Office Unit/E. Public/F. Exhibition/G. Model House/H. Club/I. Residential Unit/J. Product Design/K.Student


Entry Requirements


1.Fill out the registration according to the requirements;

2.Design work description in English and Chinese(in Word document)Please describes the design works as much as possible the environmental innovation, low-carbon innovation, aesthetics, Visionary, functionality, originality;

3.Design entry graphic, the main fa?ade CAD chart (JPG format);

4.Scenes Photos of the competition work no more than ten pieces. Design proposal work no more than ten renderings(photos do not allow show personal information or company information);

5.The Copy of transferred entry fees confirmation (JPG format);

6.A digital photo of the designer, design team or company Logo;

7.Two copies of CD-ROM containing the above mentioned data.among these, the design description and registration form are in word form , the picture and photos are in JPG form which should be no less than 350 dpi.;

8.Participator in the name of team is allowed;

9.Each participant is allowed to provide more than one works, but each piece of work need to equip with above-mentioned evaluation materials;

10.The organizer will have formal examination of the competition work; the incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate submission would be regarded as invalid and the organizer has the right to cancel the evaluation qualification of any incomplete or inaccurate submissions;

11.The participant needs to choose the category of the submitted work, the uncertain items or unclassified items would be decided by judging panel.


B.Assessment Principles
1. Creativity of environmental protection 2. Creativity of Low-carbon 3.Aesthetic Property 4.Visionary  5.Functionality 6.Originality

C. Deadline of the Participation: July 1st, 2014


D.Assessment Period:
From July in 2014 to August in 2014


E.Award Ceremony:
In October, 2014


Participating designers by visiting the official website to download and fill out the "PARTICIPATING registration form" and submitted the required documents and materials in email or post before the deadline. Completion time of the design entries must be after January 2013.


Most Creative Award   Person of the Year   Design Agency of the Year  Outstanding Design Award  Special Jury Award  catogory A-K :  Award      Award Nomination      Honorable Mention



1.Entry Fee(With preliminary assessment costs)
Individual:  600 YUAN /each work
Company, Group entry: 1,000  YUAN / each work

2.Finalist Fee(charge after the preliminary finalists, including review of accreditation fees, honorary certificates, awards special edition, award ceremonies, exhibition and promotion expenses, etc)
Individual Entry      1,400  YUAN / each work
Company, Group entry  2,000  YUAN / each work

3.No entry fees for APDC members ( Please contact the organizing committee if you want to apply for the membership)

4.No fees for student participants  (required to submit copy of full-time college proof)

5.The participants should be responsible for the cost and expense concerned in the transports, communication and material post,fund transfer etc.


Designated account :
Account Name: Wang Yi
Account Number: 622202 1001010061981



APDC Asia Pacific Design Center/APDC International Design Exchange Center
Organizing Committee of APDC AWARDS 2013/2014 Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards for Elite
Office in China area: Room102, No,173, Lane 1213, West Nanjing Road, Shanghai, China
Tel:0086-21-35322750  62710038 (Shanghai Office)
Official Website:www.apdc-awards.org