Persian Handmade Carpets Seminar

2012-03-30 11:44




The Persian Carpets Seminar was held by contest organizers: APDC Asia Pacific Design Center, Islamic Republic of Iran Commercial Section of the Embassy, National Iran Carpet Center on March 28th in the Shanghai Whole Building Group's (China Building Decoration Association Executive Director Unit, Shanghai Decoration Industry Association Vice President Unit, China Well-know Trademarks and Shanghai Famous trademarks Companies, China Luxury Decoration First Brand) Taste Space and TimeInternational Soft Decoration Exhibition Hall.



The Persian carpet is one of Iran's famous handcraft. It is an international reputation since ancient times, with its good texture, elegant design and exquisite craftsmanship, get the worlds' favorite. According to the research, the history of waving and the production at least been 2500 years. Along with the prevalence of soft decoration in China, handmade carpets are more and more appear in the high-end real estate, villa model home, a number of the professional interior designers started to use handmade carpets as the necessary element in decoration. That makes craftsmanship carpet is in an unprecedented space for development in China. Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India are all produced Persian carpets, but Iranian handmade carpet is obviously the better choice.